eric feinberg's Album: Facebook Paid Ad Loads Malware

The Paid Sponsored Ad is for a Counterfeit Louis Vuitton Website The Website is not only selling counterfeit Louis Vuitton Merchandise but also contains severe Malware Website is registered in China By Clicking on the Link, and especially if you do decide to buy counterfeit Louis Vuitton from this website, you are giving your personal information to a malicious Chinese Enterprise Combined this with Acxiom Datalogix and Epsilon Sharing our real world buying habits with Facebook, it is becoming easier for Chinese Enterprises to Spread Malware Via Facebook

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    eric feinberg Another Example of How Facebook Lack of Oversight For Counterfeit Louis Vuitton Luxury Handbags is Contributing to the Worldwide Spread of Counterfeit Merchandise and Malware Facebook is profiting off illegal malicious activity
    April 25, 2013