About the ICTTF International Cyber Threat Task Force

Our Mission


The ICTTF International Cyber Threat Task Force was formed as a not for profit virtual group to help connect cyber security experts of all levels. We recognised that the "bad guys" operate in a networks, exchanging ideas, tools, techniques across multiple jurisdictions and time zones. They essentially collaborate in order to meet their objectives. They use their own "social network" sites and legitimate ones to do this.

We now have over 3,000 members from over 100 countries and local chapter meetings being organised by local members. Our ICTTF community portal sites gets in excess of 20 million visitors a year.

Members of the local Indonesian Chapter proudly displaying their ICTTF polo shirts.

The ICTTF International Cyber Threat Task Force is the antithesis of the online criminal criminal networks. We operate in order to share, help and collaborate and defeat cyber threats "evil" of all kinds. Cyber threats are global by their nature and being able to connect with the right people in the right location can be half the challenge.


So we are a "Cyber Security Community" operating as a social network in a positive way. We help each other in any way we can.


Mainly via our cyber security community site at www.ICTTF.org Here we provide facilities for members to share, collaborate, connect and learn from each other.

Typical Online Global User Map for ICTTF.org

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The ICTTF International Cyber Threat Task Force is a not for profit group established in order to create an global community of experts to deal with cyber risks and threats.

"There’s an old Irish saying ‘ni neart go chur le cheile’ which translates as “there is no strength without unity”. The ICTTF is about sharing and collaborating in order to defeat the bad guys. Learn, share, ask, tell, explain, collaborate or whatever you prefer, like everything else in life the more you put in, the more you will get out. Today's sophisticated cyber threats are based on international networks of organised individuals working together in order execute their attacks and frauds. ICTTF is based on the concept of It Takes a Network to Defeat a Network. Join our network today and help defeat the bad guys!" Paul C Dwyer - President and Founder 

We can be contacted at: mail@icttf.org

You do not need to be an expert to join, if you are interested in learning from those more experienced or you want to share your knowledge please join us, It's free!

We do not have any political or national affiliation, we are a "community" of like minded individuals with a common interest on all things cyber security related.

The mission of ICTTF is to connect the world’s security professionals to enable them to be more productive and successful in their efforts against cyber threats such as:


Computer or internet based crimes including: 

a) offences against the confidentiality, integrity and availability of computer data and systems (illegal access, illegal interception, data interference, system interference, misuse of devices, espionage); 
b) computer-related offences (computer-related forgery, computer-related fraud, financial crime, carding) 
c) content-related offences (offences related to child pornography, child exploitation and child grooming) 
d) offences related to infringements of copyright and related rights
e) Harassment (cyber bullying, cyber stalking, hate crime, online predators) aka "Cyber Scum"

Cyber Warfare

“actions by a nation-state to penetrate another nation's computers or networks for the purposes of causing damage or disruption”

Cyber Terrorism
“Cyberterrorism is a phrase used to describe the use of Internet based attacks in terrorist activities, including acts of deliberate, large-scale disruption of computer networks, especially of personal computers attached to the Internet, by the means of tools such as computer viruses.

It is a controversial term. Some authors choose a very narrow definition, relating to deployments, by known terrorist organisations, of disruption attacks against information systems for the primary purpose of creating alarm and panic. By this narrow definition, it is difficult to identify any instances of cyberterrorism.
In some contexts it can also be defined much more generally as any computer crime targeting computer networks without necessarily affecting real world infrastructure, property, or lives.”

To achieve our mission, we make services available through our website, mobile applications, and developer platform, to help you, your connections, and millions of other professionals meet, exchange ideas, learn, make deals, find opportunities or employees, work, and make decisions in a network of trusted relationships and groups.

Cyber Scum

“Cyber Scum" is not a universally accepted term. However, we use it to describe those that prey on children and other vulnerable people online. Sexual predators, bullies and dark evil individuals that use the anonymity of the internet in order to terrorise their prey.

Cyber Threat Summit

Cyber Threat Summit

Every year, our members get together for an international cyber threat summit.

  • 2011 - One Day Event - Convention Centre Dublin - 450 attended our inaugral event
  • 2012 - Two Day Event - Malahide, Co Dublin - 850 attended over 2 days
  • 2013 - 24 Hour Global Virtual Event - commencing in NZ and Following the Sun. - 11,000 visitors in week 1

  • More info at: www.CyberThreatSummit.com